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CASI discussion list

Welcome to the Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq email discussion

This list is the UK's principal electronic forum for exchange of
information and thoughts on the sanctions on Iraq; it has over 200
members, mostly within the UK.  These are primarily private individuals
but include MP's offices, journalists, campaigners, students, and NGOs.

The list is a usually a CLOSED list, meaning that members can post
directly to the list without the approval of the moderator.  In certain
special circumstances the list may be made SECURE, requiring the
moderator's approval; in the past, this has only been done in response to
technical concerns about the list's functioning.

Although the list is managed by CASI, messages posted to it do not
necessarily reflect CASI's views.  The list moderators may, however,
encourage members to post messages that are, in our view, "constructive";
personal attacks and long, rambling messages are therefore discouraged. In
very extreme cases, moderators may decide to restrict members' ability to
post if they feel that their encouragements are not being respected.

Please also remember that you should never send messages with attached
files to the list. Primarily this is due to the serious risk of virus
transmission; there are also many other reasons why it is a bad idea. If
you do wish to distribute files to members of the list, please post a
message asking people to contact you directly if they would like a copy
(or give a URL).

To send an email to everyone on the discussion list, use the address

or reply to a message you have received from the list (use "Reply to all
recipients" or equivalent). Please take care not to accidentally Reply to
All Recipients (i.e. everyone on the list) if you only mean to reply
directly to the sender of the message. Also, please note that the
discussion list is supposed to be focused on the UK rather than the US
(for more US-centred lists, see

Messages sent to the list are publicly available in the discussion list
archive, which can be reached from CASI's homepage at . 
The archive is fully indexed and searchable.

THE WHOLE LIST SAYING SO!  Simply send a message to the following address
(note the "-request"), asking to be removed from the discussion list.

For further information about CASI, please see our webpages at, or contact us directly on

Please let us know if there is any way in which we can help.

This is a discussion list run by the Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq
For removal from list, email
Full details of CASI's various lists can be found on the CASI website:

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