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Query: Saudi hosting of US bases

Another quick query --
Does anyone have any recommendations for sources or information themselves
about the understanding between the US and Saudi Arabia for the hosting of
US air bases on Saudi soil, and bombing therefrom? 

Just that:
(a) the recent raid on Baghdad was (in part) from planes flown from
Saudi Arabia.

(b) the Sauds have denounced the raids (see, eg., Gulf News, 22/2/01, at: 
"Saudi Arabia joins denunciation of Iraq strike")

(c) the US commanders have said that they did not seek special Saudi
permission before the latest strike, carried out from its territory:
( --
Q: Because the parameters of this strike were slightly different, did you
seek or receive Saudi Arabia's permission before you launched it? Did you
inform them of it? 
Adm. Quigley: "Not that I'm aware of, no." - from immediately after the

(d) in the February 1998 dispute, which everyone thought would lead to
strikes on Iraq, Saud told the US not to bomb from his territory, which
the US agreed to.

There are already a number of sources I know on politics in Saudi, both
in print and on the web (eg There's
also quite extensive resources on the military / logistical side of
the military operations from Saudi territory, especially:

(the official site,, still
claims French participation - does someone want to tell them??)
I'm looking here for any info on what practical role the Sauds have in
overseeing the operation of "Southern Watch"; whether there are elements
within the regime who are seeking to strengthen that role; whether
the US has broken any "tacit agreement" by not notifying the Saudis of
their recent escalation; and if anybody seriously thinks they'll be
changes in the nature of the US-Saudi military relationship after these
strikes (discounting the possibility of an overthrow of the Saudi
regime). Of course, the Sauds can't be that opposed to the strikes, or
they would tell the USAF to find a new home -- but I'm thinking more of
understanding the tensions that arisen between the two governments as a
result of recent events.

Thanks for any help you can offer.
Glen Rangwala

Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
Free School Lane
Tel: 44 (0)1223 334535
Fax (shared): 44 (0)1223 334550
Home tel: 44 (0)1223 515183

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