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TV show Sunday called off

The following email was sent to me today re the TV show on Sunday

Friday 23 February 2001


By 1pm deadline today, Friday 23 Feb 2001, there were only three people 
wanted to take part in the live tv programme on Iraq. That is not 
enough to 
fill one hour long tv show. It seems there is not much demand for 
legal, logical and detailed debates on the issues or the related 
so I have called off the tv show. Can we still blame the media for 
it wrong for ten years? Good speakers can me wrong by email to: in tens or hundreds, before 1pm (UK time) 
Monday 26 Feb 2001. Thanks for the help.


Parveez Syed
"Global Eye" Weekly
Global Eye Productions
Shanti Communications
Tel: 44-07831-196693  Themos Tsikas <> wrote: 
I can also report that, in an e-mail received today, Mark Urban admits that he was wrong and says he will be more careful in the future.

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From: Glen Rangwala
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Subject: Small success with the BBC

> You may be pleased to hear that the BBC has now
> corrected all four of its earlier mistakes in Iraq
> articles (reprinted below), claiming that Iraq
> had expelled weapons inspectors. All the sites now say
> accurately: "The UN disarmament commission withdrew its
> inspectors in December 1998...".

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