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Encouraging New Poll on Iraq Sanctions

The Foreign Policy Association, which is based in New York, notes in _Great
Decisions 2001_ (New York: Foreign Policy Association, 2001), p. 53:

"An opinion survey of _Great Decisions_ readers released in November 2000
gave some indication of Americans' thinking on Iraq. Over 80% of the
respondents advocated pursuing a multilateral, not a unilateral, policy,
toward Iraq. At the same time, 62% said the U.S. should not support a
military overthrow of Saddam [Hussein]'s government, and 70% said that the
U.S, should relax sanctions to permit humanitarian relief."

The report, by Lawrence G. Potter, also notes that "Today, it is
increasingly the U.S. and not Iraq which is becoming isolated.... [F]urther
military action would likely alienate U.S. allies in the Middle East and it
is unlikely that Americans would support the costs of another war" (p. 53).

The FPA also lists Iraq Under Siege under "Readings and Resources," which
it says "Documents the tragic human, environmental, and social toll of the
sanctions," reflecting a shift in the debate.

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