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Press Release

Campaign to End Iraq Sanctions - Ireland
125 Winter Garden, Pearse Street, Dubiln 2
Phone: 6727803/087 240 4654


What: A protest to mark the 10th anniversary of the Gulf War
Where: At Central Bank, Dame Street, Dublin
Time:  3PM, Saturday 27th

                In Memory of the Iraqi people who have died at the hands
of "We the people…"

The 17th January marked the tenth anniversary of the Gulf war. It was
sold to the western world as a 'clean' war, where dead men, women and
children were reduced to no more than 'collateral damage'. Over 100,000
Iraqi people died in the 40 days that it took the UN Security Council's
armies to reduce Iraq and its people to a state of carnage. 

Depleted Uranium was used extensively for the first time. with
absolutely no regard for the impact that this radioactive, poisonous and
toxic substance would have on civilian lives, the environment or future
generations. The cornerstones of the UN, the Universal Declaration on
Human Rights, the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Geneva
Convention were indiscriminately and wantonly violated- by the very
people who were appointed to uphold these Conventions. And still the war
goes on in the guise of the UN Security Council's imposed sanctions on

The Campaign to End Iraq Sanctions is holding a protest to commemorate
the victims of the Gulf war and also to call for the immediate and
unconditional lifting of sanctions on Iraq. Since August 6th 1990, over
1 ½ MILLION people have died - ½ million were innocent children, as a
direct result of these draconian sanctions. UNICEF estimates that
between 4,000 and 6,000 children under the age of five, are dying EVERY
MONTH, because of these sanctions. 

The Protest will start at the Central Bank, Dame Street on Saturday 27th
January at 3pm. Speakers include:

Patricia Mc Kenna MEP Green Party, Michael D Higgins Labour Party, Niall
Andrews MEP Fine Fail, Joe Higgins Socialist Party, Michael Birmingham
Campaign to End Iraq Sanctions, Richard Boyd Barrett Socialist Workers
Party, Rory Mc Daid Equality Officer USI and speakers from the Iraqi and
Palestinian Communities.

"Iraq's children are dying at a rate of 6,000 a month - one every eight
minutes in the name of "We the people of the United Nations", Denis
Halliday (Ireland's former UN Humanitarian Co-ordinator for Iraq, who
resigned in 1998) is right when he says that history will slaughter
those responsible".  Felicity Arbuthnot, journalist and researcher for
John Pilger's documentary "Paying the Price -Killing the Children of

 For further information please contact Sandeep Vaidya @ 672 7803 or 
Michael Birmingham @ 087 240 4654
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