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Request for help

Dear friends,

We recently received the following request for help. If anyone can offer
any, please e-mail Osama Twebti at

Best wishes,

voices in the wilderness uk

>Dear Sir/Madam,
>I would like your advice on a proposal I have had put to me regarding the
>plight of Iraqi children.
>The idea is quite straightforward.
>Ask children in Iraq between the ages of 8 and 18 to write SA's, short
>stories,  poems, personal accounts, draw pictures or in some other way
>commit to paper, something that they would like to tell the world.
>These entries would then be collated, translated and combined, where
>possible with simple photo's of each child who contributed work and
>published as a book.
>The idea is simply to give these kids a chance to make their voices heard
>and at the same time show the people in western world some of the faces
>they would prefer not to notice.
>I believe that this could do a great deal of good.
>But I have no idea as to how to go about achieving it.
>So far all I have is the agreement of a photographer to participate, and
>numerous connections in the Arab community who would be willing to
>work if necessary.
>I would be grateful for any assistance or advice that you could offer.
>Yours faithfully,
>Osama Twebti
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