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Fw: tun myat quotes

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Date: 14 January 2001 21:10
Subject: tun myat quotes

>Please forward to CASI list, use with press as appropriate
>Voices in the Wilderness UK 7th Sanctions-breaking delegation
>6-14 January 2001
>Interview with UN Humanitarian Coordinator Tun Myat Sat 13 Jan
>Inadequate Purchasing Power:
>'whilst the amount of food tha is being provided to every man woman and
>child may be sufficient, the sad fact is that the average poor Iraqi
>household has become so poor that they can't afford to eat all the food
>get for free... For many of these people, the food rations they get on a
>monthly basis represent the major part of their household income because
>their incomes have been so hard hit by the currency, the exchange rates and
>so forth, that that food that they get is *the* major part of their income
>so they can't just eat it - because they have other needs, as we all
>clothes, travel...'
>[emphasis in original]
>Infrastructure Needs:
>(Talking about water and sanitation needs, particularly in the South of
>'many of the children wind up having serious gastrointestinal diseases -
>they go to the hospitals which I repeat have improved over the last four
>years - they go to the hospitals, they have treatment. After treatment they
>get discharged, they go back to the squalor where they come from, they play
>in the mudpits with running sewage all over the place, contaminating the
>groundwater from which they drink. They recontract these diseases and its a
>vicious circle, with the result that the sort of nutritional improvement
>that we're all hoping for has not come about.'
>'water and sanitation: it is, at the end of the day, *the* major killer'
>Hence the Coordinator's recommendation to the UN Security Council in
>November to prioritise the electricity and water/sanitation sectors (in
>Interviewed by Milan Rai, Richard Byrne, Les Gibbons, Zia Choudhury
>Voices in the Wilderness UK, 01865 243 232 pager 01523 746 462 (Milan Rai)
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