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Sheffield Delegation to Iraq slide show

Dear friends,

    the Sheffield Delegation to Iraq (10-24 Nov 2000) brought back many powerful images of Iraq, depicting the suffering, resilience and warmth of the Iraqi people, giving insights into the daily life in the streets and in peoples' homes, and including stunning scenes from Babylon, Hatra and other sites of Iraq's cultural heritage.

We are please to make these available to anyone who wants them, in the form of a CD-Rom containing files of hundreds of pictures, which we have also arranged into a Microsoft PowerPoint slide-show -  allowing us to provide text/context to those images which require this.

We would like to make the slide-show format available to anyone with a PC, not just those with Microsoft Office (of which PowerPoint is a component). Does any CASI subscriber know of a simple slide-show software which could reside on the CD-Rom, auto-load when the slide-show itself is opened, and thereby allow any PC user to view the show with the minimum of fuss? Any help in this would be greatly appreciated!

Blank CD-Roms can now be bought for less than 40p; we ask for a donation of £2.50 +50p p&p, the profit on each disk will go towards the several hundred pounds we have spent on film and film processing.

For anyone who wants, we will send you a small selection of images by e-mail (totalling no more than 1Mb) - provided, that is, that you reply to this by 10 Jan. We only want to upload these once, and we'll do it on 11 January .

To receive the files of images plus version one of our slide-show on CD-Rom, send a cheque for £3 made out to Sheffield Delegation to Iraq, and send to c/o John Smith, 29 Roebuck Road, Sheffield S6 3GP


John S

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