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Ahmed Chalabi

Title: Ahmed Chalabi
Re: Iraq supplement 24.12-31.12: "Next Pentagon Chief Supports Iraqi Opposition" by Eli Lake (UPI 29.12) extract follows:

'Despite a whisper campaign that dredged up Chalabi's role in an alleged
scandal involving Petra Bank of Jordan, he re-emerged and developed close
relationships with both Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill. On his
many trips to Washington, Chalabi also became a darling of the conservative
American Enterprise Institute where he cultivated personal ties with
Rumsfeld and Vice President-elect Richard Cheney during the think tank's
annual retreats in Beaver Creek, Col.'

' ... alleged scandal ...' is an erroneous phrase. Chalabi was sentenced in absentia, to a total of thirty four years hard labour by the Central Criminal Court in Amman, Jordan for his part in this particularly tragic case, which involved syphoning off moneys from the bank. Numerous small buisness people who had for the first time trusted a bank lost all and committed suicide. (The Jordan Times has excellent archives on this whole saga.)

Somewhere I have even the Court Case number - but chaos as usual reigns - this maybe a Nathaniel Hurd mission (1992 ruling, I think.)

Happy New Year to CASI all .......

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