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Sanction the Palestinians

I’ve had it!
Sanctions here, sanctions there. First South Africa, then Libya then Iraq,
then Serbia, yesterday Afghanistan, today Liberia. Who next? The
Palestinians? It seems the ‘UN’ goes around looking for a civilian
population in dire need of international assistance and protection only to
punish them for this crime of need with sanctions. The US constantly
trumpets the virtues of democracy and the free economic market (apparently
‘capitalism’ is now a dirty word). It claims it ‘defends’ the right of
peoples everywhere in the world, to live and participate in a democratic
society guided by a free market. Well thank you America, but how are these
noble principles of yours being defended by imposing sanctions? One doesn’t
have to be a brain surgeon to see that democracy and a free economic market
will not evolve, let alone flourish, in a society subjected to sanctions.
How many more nations must ‘we’ sanction, how many more people must suffer
and endure the effects of sanctions, before this madness comes to an end?
And if sanctions are to be the weapons of the future, does this mean that we
can finally do away with traditional weapons such as missiles, firearms and
bombs? Meanwhile, the UN has voted not to send a peacekeeping force to
protect the Palestinian people. That’s probably because they already live
in, and are enjoying the benefits of, the Middle East’s only democratic
country with a free economic market.

Yours sincerely,
Salwa de Vree.

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