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U.S. Hypocrisy To Continue

Dear List:

On 16 December 2000, the new U.S. President-designate, George W. Bush, announced his choice for U.S. Secretary of State at an elementary school in Crawford, Texas.  To no one's surprise, it was Colin Powell who was chosen by Bush, or perhaps, was chosen for Bush by the elitists who actually run this country from behind the scenes.  As Powell took over the podium from the younger Bush, he not-too-subtly demonstrated how he and the other members of the  old, "New World Order" crowd will actually be the ones in charge, as George W., their sophomoric puppet, passively looked on from the sidelines.

Bush and Gore were only front-men in a phony presidential campaign, whose protracted post-election side-show served to distract the uninformed American electorate from the reality that there was never any substantial difference between the two candidates of the two factions of what is actually a one-party system in this country. The proof of this assertion was instantly forthcoming when Powell publicly advocated no change whatsoever in American foreign policy.  Powell arrogantly declared that the sanctions against the Iraqis must be "re-energized."  This was necessary, Powell said, for the sake of the "children in the region" who might otherwise become victims of "weapons of mass-destruction" still being developed in secret by Saddam Hussein, according to Powell.  (This sounded alarmingly similar to an earlier, grandiose attempt by government to justify mass-murder, when, following Janet Reno's torching of the Branch-Davidian Church and all inside, she said that she had done it "for the children.")  Of course, Powell made no mention of the million-plus number of juvenile deaths in Iraq that have already resulted from the West's current weapon of mass-destruction - the genocidal sanctions against helpless Iraqi citizens.

When massive oil reserves were discovered to exist beneath Iraqi soil, it was the invisible government of the U.S.A. (and its mirror image in Britain) which decided that Iraq must be returned to the Stone Age.  Just who or what gives power to this invisible government?  It is none other than the big banks which depend on high oil prices so that the biggest debtors among their client states (such as, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait) don't fall behind in their loan payments.  The present price of oil can only be kept at it's artificially inflated level so long as Iraqi oil is kept off world markets.  Powell, Cheney, and the other familiar faces of the old guard are now being reshuffled into various posts, not too different from the ones they held before, and will continue the rape of Iraq, which was started by them under the senior Bush, and maintained under Clinton and Albright.  The occupant of the Oval Office may periodically change, but as long as America's invisible government remains entrenched in power, and its grip on the country continues unchallenged, the hypocrisy of U.S. foreign policy will go on without interruption.  Until the American people comprehend these realities, they will never understand what is behind the sanctions against Iraq, nor the reason why public office holders seem to be indifferent to the extermination of innocent Iraqis, presently being carried out by the US and Britain.

G. Giuffré

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