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It's been agreed to hold a non-violent mass action outside the House of Commons on the 16th January - tenth anniversary of the Gulf War. There will be arrestable and non-arrestable actions - a non-arrestable assembly, and (I'm reliably informed), a potentially arrestable mass sit-down for those who want to sit down.

Gather at 1.00 p.m. outside Westminster Abbey.

Someone has volunteered to make loads of leafets. Once we have leaflets - it won't be long now, promise- we'll start mailing out in bundles to whoever wants to take some. E-mail me, giving your snail mail address, and I'll see that a good thick bundle reaches you, ASAP.

If anyone has particular skills to offer on the day, again please don't hesitate to get in touch. (Bristol Peace & Justice are co-ordinating the event, but we're not the piano player, only the messenger, so please don't shoot...)

Input from legal observers, leafletters on the day and beforehand, photographers, musicians, artists, and a host of others, is needed. Think about making a sculpture, or a banner, and bringing that along. If you have any good ideas for speakers (we're still in the process of drawing up a shortlist), these would be most welcome, too.

In short, within the parameters of non-violent direct action, anything goes. To make it effective, we need YOU!

Looking forward to getting lots of messages out of cyberspace quite soon - E-mail Address:

All best wishes -

Margaret Jones




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