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Message from Voices US

Dear Friends,

We are writing to you about a series of promising events planned for January
7 – 20, 2001, in New York City and Washington DC. Numerous groups and
individuals have worked very hard, in the past decade,

to urge member states of the UN to unilaterally break the embargo, and
to help US people understand the effects of economic warfare and
ongoing bombardment, in Iraq, all the while building opposition to these

As we approach the tenth year since the Gulf War began, a core of VitW
people will gather in New York City, beginning on January 7, for a one day
retreat gathering. During that day, we’ll further organize ourselves for the
activities described below. Please feel welcome to join us in NYC for
leafleting, vigiling, and "busing." We’ll supply details about times and
places in the near future. Drop us a note, please, if you know that you can
commit any definite length of time. We’ll try to arrange housing for people
who travel to New York, but we would need advance notice and, unfortunately,
we can’t guarantee housing. We do ask all who join us to be self-funded,
e.g., we can’t afford to offer meals or assist with travel expenses. Very
importantly, may we suggest that you consider organizing January outreach,
education and nonviolent resistance to warfare at a place that glorifies
warfare in your own community.

January 7-20 2001—Enough is Enough! activities in New York City &
Washington, DC

i--the Remembering Omran bus tour drew attention and heightened interest in
communities all along the west coast during the past autumn. Thanks to the
Middle East Children’s Alliance and a sturdy crew of drivers, we can bring
the bus to New York City where the rolling "billboard" will reach numerous
groups; (to reach the bus, call 202.258.4958)

VitW members hope to park the bus near the USS Intrepid war museum, in
mid-town Manhattan, once a day, for one week, to make available to USS
Intrepid staff and visitors an alternative "peace museum," replete with
coffee and donuts for brave visitors. We will also seek a meeting between
USS Intrepid officials and a broad range of educators, clergy, and local
leaders who share concern over the message that the USS Intrepid delivers to
schoolchildren, older students and millions of visitors. Of particular
concern is an exhibit that helps visitors, through simulation, pretend to be
bomber pilots in warfare over Iraqi skies.

Together with peace activists in New York City, we will seek nonviolent
means to further educate people about the consequences of warfare against
Iraqi civilians.

ii--during lunchtime hours, we plan to drive the "Remembering Omran" bus
through Times Square while we leaflet people in front of a US military
recruitment center directly across from Times Square; our leaflet will urge
people to reject threat and force as a means to solve problems, recognizing
that the ten years of violent, lethal economic warfare against Iraq has
caused the deaths of over one half million children and strengthened the
Iraqi regime.

iii--we will also plan, each day, to hold a vigil in front of the US Mission
to the UN where we hope to reach UN diplomats and staff with a leaflet
stating: "Enough is Enough: unilaterally break the siege against Iraq." We’
ll do our best to bring this message to the widest possible audience within
the United Nations.

We look forward to celebrating Martin Luther King’s birthday, in New York
City, at both the United Nations and the USS Intrepid, believing that his
message and the brave witness of the civil rights movement constitute one of
the finest "exports" the US can ever offer.

Finally, for activists in NYC or the surrounding area planning to visit
Washington DC in advance of the inaugural events, please consider hitching a
ride with the Remembering Omran bus which will head toward DC on January 17

We’ll keep you posted as more details develop. Please let us know if you
think you would like to receive preparation materials for the January 7 – 17
events in New York City.


Kathy Kelly  Danny Muller  Lauren Cannon

Tom Jackson  Stephanie Schaudel  Tom Walsh

for Voices in the Wilderness Chicago office

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