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UN SCR 1330

Although it was mentioned in today's "Oil supplement" from Peter Brooke, I
thought I would hilight that on 5th December the UN Security Council
passed resolution 1330 (
which extends the Oil for Food programme for another 180 days. Iraq has
not yet accepted the resolution, as far as I know.

The resolution contains several new initiatives, which I briefly summarise

para 7: allocates another $600m for oil-industry spares etc.

para 8: "Expresses readiness to consider, in the light of the cooperation
of the Government of Iraq in implementing all the resolutions of the
Council,"  allowing $15m of oil-for-food money to be used to pay Iraq's UN
membership fees.

para 10: Directs the 661 committee to set up "green lists" for electricity
and housing sectors (i.e. lists of items which will not require approval
to import, unless they are dual-use).

para 11: Asks for expanded and updated versions of the existing 'green

para 12: reduces the amount of oil-for-food money going into
the Compensation Fund to 25% (formerly 30%), and allocates the 'spare'
money to humantarian projects addressing the needs of the most vulnerable
groups in Iraq.

para 15: This seems to be moving towards the long-awaited "cash
component". It asks the Secretary-General to "make the necessary
arrangements, subject to the approval of the Council, to allow funds
deposited in the escrow account established by resolution 986 (1995) to be
used for the purchase of locally produced goods and to meet the local cost
for essential civilian needs which have been funded in accordance with the
provisions of resolution 986 (1995) and related resolutions, including,
where appropriate, the cost of installation and training services". It
also releases 600 million euros towards installation, maintainance and
training costs for oil industry spares which have already been purchased
under oil-for-food.

para 18: Asks the S-G to investigate other oil export routes from Iraq.


Seb Wills

Seb Wills
Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq

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