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Re: another opportunity !

congrats to voices for passing on a gem - matthew norman's email is:

>From: "Voices uk" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: another opportunity !
>Date: Thu, Dec 7, 2000, 7:18 pm

> Another opportunity to put your anti-sanctions questions to Tony Blair !
> Mr Blair will be answering your questions, live, on ITV at 7pm on Tuesday
> December 12th. You can e-mail your questions to .
> I've no idea what sort of length questions they'll allow.
> Don't forget, if you haven't already done so, to e-mail an anti-sanctions
> question to the PM at (for this one,
> restrict you probably want to restrict your questions to 23 words maximum).
> Finally, here's a snippet from today's Guardian.
> Best wishes,
> Gabriel.
> The Guardian
> Diary
> Matthew Norman
> Thursday December 7, 2000
>  And so to the full list of runners and riders for the Diary's Turncoat of
> Turncoats competition, which runs from now until Mr Tony calls the election.
> Please select whoever you think most deserves our special garment ... a red
> coat with 30 yellow circles on it to represent pieces of silver, which then
> turns inside and becomes a bright yellow coat with 30 red rectangles
> representing red boxes. A fee of 250 (plus materials) is on offer to anyone
> willing to make it. Please apply in the normal manner.
> But who will win the coat? Diary pundit Steptoe will soon provide first show
> of betting, but here are eight of the runners in alphabetical order: Paul
> Boateng, Robin Cook, Peter Hain (see below), Margaret Hodge, Lord Macdonald,
> Alan Milburn, John Prescott and Clare Bomber Short. There is room for four
> more, should anyone have a nomination, and in the weeks ahead we will run
> sketches of all contenders to assist anyone yet to make up their mind.
> Turncoats - good luck to you all.
>  An ante-post favourite helped his chances yesterday with a letter to the
> Guardian. Peter Hain's response to our item about the FO delaying a
> humanitarian aid plane to Iraq for three days in Morocco was tremendous. My
> claim that the FO "blocked" the flight was untrue, Peter insists, when in
> fact all it did was "place the flight on hold ..." An intriguing semantic
> distinction indeed. Well done, Peter!
>  We must, however, correct a couple of points. Peter mentions being falsely
> accused of blocking (or placing on hold) one "humanitarian flight" organised
> by George Galloway, and placing on hold (or perhaps blocking) another George
> was on "from Bulgaria last month". In fact the original flight was not
> humanitarian, containing only anti-sanctions journalists and activists, and
> George cancelled it after Peter continually blocked or placed its departure
> on hold.
> As for the one "from Bulgaria", one can see why Peter the Sanctions King
> would rather not admit this but in fact it was from England: it took off
> from Maidstone, merely stopping briefly in Plovdiv for refuelling. We can
> all creep and crawl towards Mr T's post-election cabinet, Peter, but we must
> keep at least one eye on those facts.
> --
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