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Re: Amnesty reviewing position on sanction.....

Hello. Glenn here with a message to all Amnesty members on this list.

Should have advertised it earlier, but there is a 'discussion day' in London
on Saturday 25th for Amnesty members to talk with each other and AIUK staff
about the way policy should go. (there have been others around the country).

One of the major subjects for discussion is Sanctions Policy. Others
subjects include the Mandate (keep it, modify it or scrap it) and
Campaigning work.

I would urge all those AI members on this list who are not attending the
protest at the US embassy in Grosvenor Square to attend and lend their
tuppence worth to the debate.

Our government use Amnesty criticism of the Iraqi regime's human rights
record to justify their continued policy. If Amnesty also criticises the
sanctions policy itself this would be a big dent in the credibility of our
government's appallingly cynical position.

Hope some of you can help to make this happen.


Glenn Bassett.

Discussion day: No. 5-8 Hardwick St (ring 'Amnesty' bell) London EC1. AIUK
:020 7814 6200. I think Angel tube is nearest.

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