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Re: re : Clinton's "$19 bn"

$19 BN

According to Colin Rowat and the folk at CASI you can conjure up a gross
figure of $19 bn by projecting the current sales for Phase VIII to a whole
year. This figure, of course, does not take into account the subtractions
for war reparations, UN expenses etc...

Recall that Clinton had claimed - falsely - that this $19 bn (which actually
seems to be a prediction of *future* revenues) was money that "[Saddam
Hussein] can use exclusively for food, for medicine, to develop his


The percentage deductions thing is a little bit complicated. It used to be
that there was a 53% account for central/south Iraq, a 13% account for the
northern governorates and 30% was deducted for the compensation fund. The
remaining 4% was (more or less) used for "UN expenses" : UNSCOM, OIP etc...

For the next phase (Phase IX), the percentage paid into the Compensation
Fund may drop to 25%.

As for the 4% allocated to UN expenses, UN SCR 1284 (para. 20) was supposed
to take 1% away from this and the Secretary-General recommended that this be
added to the 53% account to create a 54% account.

According to the S-G's September 2000 report these funds "have been
allocated for the purposes set out in paragraph 8 (a) of resolution 986
(1995)" (ie. "to finance the export to Iraq, in accordance with the
procedures of the Committee established by resolution 661 (1990), of
medicine, health supplies, foodstuffs, and materials and supplies for
essential civilian needs, as referred to in paragraph 20 of resolution 687
(1991)"). It isn't clear to me exactly how these funds are split between the
south/centre and the northern governorates. (In his Septemeber 2000 report
the S-G says that "information on how oil sales proceeds are distributed
among the various sub-accounts is contained in the weekly report of the
Office of the Iraq Programme, which is provided to the Security Council
Committee and to the Permanent Mission of Iraq to the United Nations.")

To summarise. Currently 33% (30% + 3%) goes for compensation, UN expenses
etc... If the compensation gets reduced to 25% in the next phase this figure
will drop to 28%.

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