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comment, explanation + thanks

Dear Friends on the CASI Discussion List,

        First, I want to thank all the folks who responeded to the request for
a question requested by Rep. Mckiney's office. The plan was for Rep. McKinney
to ask Albright a question about  r "Iraq Water Treatment Vulnerabilities".  All
the suggestions and comments we excellent. I finally settled on a 2 part
question resulting from a collaboration with Prof. Gordon and informed by
comments from this group.  It appears that the House Committee on Foreign
Relations made a last minute switch in the topic surrounding  Albright's
appearance, so there was virtually no mention of Iraq.

      I am in the process of preparing a sumamry of the info and posting it to
my web site for anyone interested.

      Work continues on the implications of "Iraq Water Treatment
Vulnerabilities" and as this jells, I'll post the status of the work or ask one
of the people/groups involved to do so.

         GWU gave Albright an honorary degree in May. This act  legitimated  her
consistant and continuing  record of   genocide denials  (e.g.,  her successful
opposition to last week's  U.S. House of Rep. resolution condemneding Turkey's
genocide of Armenians; her  critical failure to acknowledge genocide in the case
of Rwanda  when such acknowledgement might have save 100s of 1000s,  her
genocide denial  in   the case of East Timor or in the case of  the Kurds killed
by Turks as oppossed to Iraqi forces and her continuing  denial of  what Mr.
Halliday calls the "slow genocide by sanctions" against Iraq).
I am preparing a resolution for the Faculty Senate of George Washington
University which seeks to condemn her genocide denial, acknowledges the error of
GWU in honoring her, and  revoking the honorary degree.  As usual, I would
appreciate any constructive input re this idea and wonder if any other U. in the
US or UK or elsewhere has already taken this step with respect to Albright or
persons who use genocide and other human rights violations as mere footballs to
score points and thereby perpetuate horror and injustice.

 Finally, here's my response to Mr. Hain who manages to one-up (or one-down
even  Albright's State Dept.).

Dear Mr. Hain:

       I though that our own U.S. State Dept. had siezed the low ground for
claims and empty propagranda. My hat is off  to  the UK for topping (or should I
bottoming) even the State Dept. of your former colony.

     Mr Hain, your  claim  that
data on the high living of Iraqi officials are  derived from UN documents, not
available the general public is pathetic.  Yeah, I guess we need to trust you,
Mr. Hain
and our own State Dept. on the vital point of who is to blaim.  Probably
releasing relevant UN data would compromize sources and methods and lead
directly to the  end of  civilization.

      Question:  why do you insult the intelligence of people in this manner? Do

you really have such utter contempt for the reasoning power of people? Are you
intent on genocide denial (yes, slow genocide is genocide) that you will stoop
such tactics as the giveing evidence whose plausibility is kept from public

     Are you blind to the fact that the very US-UK alliance which helped  smash
genocide 55 years ago continues to dispense it's own  more
focus-group-acceptable version of the  final solution upon the people of Iraq?
You and your colleagues have achieved at least half a Hitler unit of dead Iraqi
kid under the age of 5.  (The National Halocaust Mueseum in Washington puts the
number of Jewish  kids under  12 killed in the Hitler's  death camp at 1.2
million. They can't say what  % of the children were under 5). What will satisfy
you, full parity with Hitler?

Shame! Shame!

Thomas J. Nagy, Ph.D.
George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
(my views, not those of my university which relies on gov. grants).
cc: Your senior partners in the U.S. State Dept.; UK-US media, members of
Congress who
nominally represent me as a constituent.

Milan Rai wrote:

> If anyone wants to go to the FCO web site to see Hain's edited highlights in
> the original, the address is
> Cheers
> Mil
> Milan Rai
> Joint Coordinator
> Voices in the Wilderness UK
> National Office
> 16B Cherwell St, Oxford OX4 1BG
> Personal contact details
> 158 Springfield Road, Brighton BN1 6DG
> ph/fax 01273 508 331 pager 01523 746 462
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