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Re: Preserving this message list.

If we are discussing Palestine/Israel, can't we just make a 
subject heading 'Palestine/Israel' so that those who are 
not interested (or don't have time) can delete these 
Valerie Jabir

On Thu, 19 Oct 2000 11:42:35 +0100 (BST) Seb Wills 
<> wrote:
> Dear All,
> Whilst I'm reluctant to prolong what I feel is an unnecessary and itself
> not very relevant thread of discussion, there are a few points I think
> which need to be made.
> Firstly, can I say that although the list manager very occassionally
> applies some kind of control to the list, this is not done lightly and is
> done in as responsible and reasonable a manner as possible. The stated
> purpose of the list is to provide a forum for polite, informed
> communication about Iraq, and CASI considers itself responsible for
> ensuring that the list provides that forum. Therefore if a list member
> posts personal insults, or repeatedly posts material "not relevant" (more
> on that later), I think it is CASI's duty to lightly moderate (not
> prohibit!) their future input to the list. This has only been done in two
> cases so far in the list's existance. We would never block someone's
> messages which were to do with Iraq unless we felt them to be personally
> offensive or to waste other list members' time by being a repeat of
> previous postings. In Nels' case this was clearly a one-off incident and
> I'm sure he'll be back on the list-proper very soon if he isn't already.
> Some of you may feel that you don't mind getting many more messages a day
> about Iraq and doing your own 'filtering'. I would suggest this is only
> true up to a point. There are many email lists which degenerate into
> nothing but slanging matches - interspersed with occassional informative
> messages - with hundreds of messages a day flying backwards and forwards.
> As an extreme example, the soc.culture.iraq newsgroup carries about 100
> messages a day, the majority with subject lines like "Sharon is a MADMAN",
> "Iraq sucks", "The Koran is toilet paper" (a selection from yesterday's
> collection. Somewhere in the middle of yesterday's postings, I see there's
> one message about the mortality rates caused by sanctions. (I'm not, of
> course, suggesting anything as inapproprate as these messages has ever
> been posted to the discussion list, although people who are not on the
> list (who therefore don't have the automatic right to post messages to it)
> do sometimes try to post such rude, racist and offensive messages to our
> discussion list. We don't let them).
> I don't believe the majority of list members on our list have the time to
> spend hours each day picking out messages with useful content. If it cost
> nothing for anyone in the world to produce and send to you paper letters,
> we would all get sackfulls of mail every day and have to spend the whole
> day sorting it out! Because email is (in some sense) free, there is a
> danger of degenerating to this level. Clearly the CASI list is a million
> miles from that, but I think it's important to prevent it sliding in that
> direction. If you want discussion entirely free of constraint, sign up to
> other Iraq email lists and newsgroups as well! This isn't a flippant
> comment: I think the CASI discussion list occupies an important 'niche' in
> the 'infoscape', but it isn't the only resource, and it won't entirely
> satisfy everyone's needs on its own.
> It's worth pointing out that whenever there is a significant rise in the
> number of emails to the list, it is followed by a wave of 'unsubscribe'
> requests - i.e. there is a large sector of the list members who are
> interested to read one or two focused emails about Iraq a day, but for
> whom Iraq isn't the main focus of their life, and so simply don't have
> time to look at a larger number of emails on that subject. Further more, I
> think they are in important sector to keep informed -- dedicated Iraq
> activists aren't the only people who need to be informed.
> As for the question of relevance - I don't want the definition to be too
> narrow. Clearly the issue is linked to the wider context of the Middle
> East, and I personally don't object to messages which make explicit
> connections to Palestine etc.  But there are more appropriate forums for
> messages *just* about Palestine, which don't even mention Iraq. As Mil
> said, this list has a specific purpose - there are others to complement it
> if you want to get lots of emails about other issues. Because of our
> desire to limit the number of messages flying around on the list, we have
> to use a fairly narrow subject criteria.
> Finally, I'd like to say that a lot of effort goes into to maintaining
> this list, and the list manager/moderator has an often tedious and
> timeconsuming job. I for one am very grateful to her for saving me time by
> keeping the discussion focused. I also have complete faith that her
> decisions are open-minded, fair and 100% reasonable and in the best
> interests of the anti-sanctions community in this country.
> Ultimately, some people would no doubt prefer a list where anyone can say
> anything at all. I don't feel too guilty about CASI not satisfying these
> people's needs, because it is simple and free for people to set up
> alternative lists if they really want to (and there are such lists already
> existing -- for example as far as I know the iac-discussion list on
> egroups is unmoderated). Staying in the particular niche of a
> narrowly-focussed, polite, forum is a valid strategy for the CASI list.
> Using Mil's analogy, a meeting of 250 people (the number of people on this
> list) without some kind of chairperson or ground rules would not be a
> productive one.
> very best wishes to you all,
> Seb
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> On Wed, 18 Oct 2000 wrote:
> > I have been thinking about this problem for two days as I also do not agree 
> > the arguments put forward about preserving the list.  I agree totally with 
> > the sentiments expressed by Hadi, John Smith and Dave Rolstone - I delete 
> > loads of stuff that doesn't interest me-so where do we go from here?
> > 
> > Jean R
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This is a discussion list run by the Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq
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