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Preserving this message list.

Preserving the message list? I didn't know it was in any danger. The sort of the arguments that are being used to defend the issue of censorship are deliberately evasive. Not only are you denying two people who have been censored the right to put their views, but you are denying us the right to make up our own minds as to whether we agree or disagree with their views. This exclusion of members from the discussion is very disturbing, I have my own internal monitoring system built-in to my understanding of reality. I also have the delete button on my computer. And I don't need protecting from reality, or other people's views. Some people including myself believe that you cannot separate any of the issues of the world, not just the Middle East from each other. To tell people that disagree with your views they should clear off, and start a new group is ridiculous we would end up with so many groups that none of us would ever work together constructively. Authoritarian rule in whatever form does not in the end solve any of the problems, but merely constructs a make-believe little world in which everything seems to be smooth and unruffled, but meantime the fury of reality surrounds us and will intrude upon us however strong we make our barricades.

Your sincerely, Dave Rolstone.

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