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Re: Preserving this message list

Dear Mil Rai,
The ethnic cleansing of Palestine and the genocidal sanctions campaign
against Iraq are viewed as intrinsically linked throughout the Middle East.
Firstly, in terms of the hypocrisy of the international community in dealing
with Iraq in comparison to its silence over  "Israel's" violations of
international law, threatening and attacking her neighbours, poor human
rights record, war crimes and possession of weapons of mass destruction.
Secondly, the strongest advocates for the maintenance of the US genocidal
sanctions policy is the pro "Israeli" Jewish lobby, which seeks the
liquidation of 5000 Iraqi children a month simply because they are Arabs.
Remember  this is the same group that defends "Israel's" military and secret
police forces cold blooded murder of Palestinian children.
Your inability to recognise any linkages between the issue of sanctions on
Iraq and Palestine demonstrates how little you understand the Middle East
and why CASI alienates Iraqi's and Arabs generally from joining CASI.
Thirdly, the anti Sanctions movement regularly suffers from being excluded
from the  agenda of debate in order to prevent any progress being made in
raising public awareness and exposing the genocidal nature of sanctions.
Surely you as a campaigner against sanctions recognise this. Yet you are now
trying to hurt an equally just and linked cause by trying to block it from
the agenda of debate.
Regards Hadi

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From: Milan Rai <>
To: CASI Discussion Group <>
Date: 16 October 2000 14:52
Subject: Preserving this message list

>Dear all
>I wholeheartedly support the discussion list manager's intervention and
>There are very important issues to be discussed in relation to the crisis
>I suggest that a member of this list either
>(a) sets up a dedicated list (perhaps through eGroups) and notifies this
>list of its existence or
>(b) notifies the discussion list manager of a suitable list, and she can
>suggest to us where the kind of discussions we've seen on this list
>can most appropriately take place.
>In either event, I would join with Ali in asking that current discussions
>move off this list.
>Best wishes
>Mil Rai
>Voices in the Wilderness UK
>This is a discussion list run by the Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq
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This is a discussion list run by the Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq
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