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A reply


    Greetings.  I hope that this message finds all of you in good health.  
Admittedly I am hurt by some of the accusations recently painted against me 
by people who do not even know me on the discussion list.  I wish to respond 

You must work for the US govt., Larry....Is it the CIA?  State Department?
Military Intelligence? ....or one of the other many dozens such functioning 
and around the world.  

    #I have never worked for the CIA/State/Mil Intelligence.  I work for 
Hallmark and I sell greeting cards to people and go to college..

Keep "praying" the leaders of our great
democracy they kill, destroy, overthrow, subvert and commit
genocide of  "lessor peoples"....while  militarily, politically, economically
and with censorship and propaganda, support  their "ally"  committing
Crimes Against Humanity  and mayhem against a brutally occupied civilian

    #It is not right to make judgements or make fun of another persons 
spirituality.  Despite our differences of religion/culture, I think we can 
all agree that we are not supposed to do this; we see enough of it around the 

Who is your "blessing" for, Larry?....list subscribers, the religious 
fanatics in
Jerusalem, the
Israelis who are continuing to cleanse Historic Palestine of the Arab 
their American
sponsors and protectors?.....or........

    #My blessings.  Well, not my blessings but HIS blessings.  My blessings 
are for all of God's children, friends, enemies, those I do not know.  I 
follow a command to love all unconditionally despite any disagreements.  
Accordingly, I am also called to love the person who sent this.  

    I pray this letter finds all of you in good health.  Again, if we wish to 
discuss other Mideast issues (which is good) we should do so on another list. 
 I truly do consider all of you my brothers and sisters despite any perceived 
or real differences we may have.  

Larry Provost

PS  ;)


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