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Re: "Allies deliberately poisoned Iraq public water supply in Gulf Wa r"

For some reason I omitted to send the reply to this message to the casi list.
Apologies for being late.

Larry Provost makes an important point that the true perpertrators of the war
crimes are not the American people.  rather they are the American government.  (I

think it only fair though to acknowledge that neither John Smith nor Felicity
Arbuthnot have ever suggested otherwise).  Of course, other governments bear
equal responsibility (i.e. Britain's) or at least some responsibility (most other

European and Middle Eastern governments, including of course that of Iraq).  The
American, british, Iraqi and other peoples are the ones who may be able to solve
these problems through agitation and direct action to end this horrible war of
over ten years against the peoples of Iraq.

No people should ever be blamed for the sins of its government. This is obviously

as true of the Iraqis as anyone else.  We need to be inspired by the events in
Serbia and the growing mood of anti-capitalist militancy to plan more and more
anti-war protests and occupations so this anti-war movement can grow as
successfully and decisively as that against the US bombardment of Vietnam in the
60s and 70s.

A public meeting is being held in Manchester on 26th October 2000, 7.30 p.m., St
Peter's Chaplaincy, Oxford Rd to discuss the causes and possible solutions of the

war against the peoples of Iraq (whom John Smith correctly identifies as the real


Jason Travis,
Greater Manchester Coalition Against Sanctions and War on Iraq wrote:

> Friends
>     Greetings.  In re to this heated issue, let me just say that even if the
> United States is doing horrid acts throughout the world and is by this
> rationale.."the enemy of humanity" where does that leave other nations who
> either make real mistakes and/or are delibaretely evil?  Does that make them
> the scum of humanity.  I think for all of you  (who are much more active in
> the sanctions issue) the way to convince more Americans that the sanctions
> are wrong are not to label the American military or America as the enemy of
> humanity.  We have to be careful, not of pointing fingers, but labeling what
> I know to be a great nation despite its faults.  (This is a whole other
> debate and we can spend forever pointing fingers at our respective nations.)
>     The reason I say this is twofold; first of all I am an American soldier
> who loves my nation dearly.  Secondly, returning from a PEACE conference
> today at my school, I made the statement that we are all citizens of the
> world.  Are these contradictions, I dont think so; but remember that not
> everyone has this sort of worldly view where they see themselves, and then
> others, and themselves/others in a relationship at the same time.  In order
> to win more Americans to your cause (as I feel too the sanctions should be
> lifted) I would ask that we not tone our passions but also not label others.
> You must understand that the American people dont know about this and need to
> be educated.  One thing we dont like is to be labeled.  We can do better in
> this endeavor, I know it
>     I thank all of you for your time and wish you the best of luck and
> prayers.
> With God's Peace,
> Larry Provost
> US Army Veteran
> Operation Desert Thunder
> --
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