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Re:Prayer for Peace

Dear Larry,

I share your prayers for peace. I am personally a great believer in PEACE
and think that by talking an acceptable formula can be reached.
Unfortunately, in reality, peace is not acheived unless both sides respect
each other's rights and stand on equal footing. So far none of this has

The Peace process has been nothing but a collective effort from the US and
the Israeli governments to gain more and more concessions from Yasser
Arafat. America, Israel's no1 alley cannot be expected to be a fair and firm
mediator to both sides in this coflict. Lets look at the facts on the
ground. Since the Peace process has started Israel has continued to take
more and more land on a daily basis from their arab inhabitants. this is
done by force using all means at their disposal inclusing the so called
security Forces. They turn up with bulldozers, evacuate the family,  and
pull the house down while the inhabitants rush around to try and save what
little they can of their belongings.  Arab inhabitants are always and
without exception, refused planning permits for building new houses, or even
expanding the houses they already live in..

Now IMAGINE that this happens to you and your family.
Now tell me how that makes you feel?.

The Palestinian people have seen none of the improvement in living
conditions  promised to them by the US. The Israelis continue to treat them
as second- rate human beings. They are indeed  inferiors in a country which
does not respect basic human rights.

I am not a Palestinian myself. But I want justice for a poeple who for 50
years have seen economic isolation and repeated genocide.

Best wishes,
Mayamin Dhall.
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