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Re: Butler's U.S. Senate Testimony (28 Sep 00)

 Hello. Regarding this excerpt from Nathaniel Hurd's Butler post- 
>“But one point I would want to make before perhaps leaving the sanctions
subject, but I'll come back to the sanctions subject and its relations to
us, is this: again I say to the good people who have just had to leave this
chamber, that make no mistake about it, Iraq is awash with money. The
consequences of the flourishing black market are simply enormous. The
regime is in great shape. There is no shortage of a capacity to provide
what the people need, were there the will to do just that, leave aside the
oil-for-food arrangement. But instead of doing that, what we now see
revealed, and perhaps the unkindest cut of all, is evidence that some of
the U.N.-provided food and medicines is actually being seized by the regime
and exported for sale outside Iraq.
This is so far from the statements of say Halliday or Von Sponeck and many
others. I was wondering if any one knows if Butler has any strong evidence
behind the "awash with money" bit. No shortage of a capacity to provide?
Heading over to Iraq in a couple weeks so I just wanted to hear someone
more knowledgeable explain how accurate Mr. Butler has been in the past. I
realize his admission that sanctions are failing is the main point.
If this is old hat for this list maybe you can answer me off list. Just
been on the list for a few weeks so I am not sure of the rules (for lack of
a better term) of discussion.
>“The chemical warfare agent manufacturing facilities have been rebuilt.
The same is true of their biological capacity. And I've seen evidence that
I accept that he has recalled their nuclear weapons design team. So, in
summary, Mr. Chairman, they're back in business, which is precisely what
was not to happen. Remember, my leitmotif here is that essentially we're
talking about weapons of mass destruction. 


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