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On Kofi and his experts


I am the in the process of assembling a FAQ for two fine websites, EPIC and
CASI's, and am wondering if anyone can shed light on two 'controversies' du
jour: the 'humanitarian' experts the GoI has declined to let in the
country; and the cash component question. 

To recap: In his last report on Iraq to the Security Council, Kofi Annan
said the "Government of Iraq has indicated that it does not intend to
cooperate with or issue visas to such experts [to report to the Security
Council on Iraq's humanitarian situation]." 

Anyone have any quotes or information as to the Iraqi govt's stated or
unstated rationales.  Annan said these experts had been "selected" but not
"appointed." Whatever that means, it seems the govt had not ruled out
particular individuals, but the whole process.  

I'm also wondering about the 'cash component' Iraq had rejected. I was told
by a UN official that Iraq had agreed to UNICEF handling the cash some
months ago, but then UNICEF demured, stating it lacked the staff and other
resources to administer these funds.  

Anyone else heard or read or thought anything illuminating about the GoI's
stated and unstated rationales for all this; or on the general context?



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