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CASI updates: the Bossuyt and Aga Khan reports, historical analyses, "25 Laments", and more ...

CASI's website may be the best single repository of sanctions evidentiary
material on the Internet, and I encourage everyone to share this link with
their most skeptical contacts.  Recent additions to the site include Marc
Bossuyt's working paper for the UN Commission on Human Rights (the AP report
on which Rania recently circulated), as well as rare-but-indispensible
documentation including the Aga Khan's 1991 UN report assessing the
humanitarian needs of post-war Iraq, and the UN staff report on no-fly zone

In addition to raw UN and NGO data, CASI's Colin Rowat has contributed a
number of briefing papers, including a historical overview of UN data (an
excellent backgrounder for those in the mainstream media).   Also included
on the site is "25 Laments for Iraq", the prize winning poem by Robert
Minhinnick.  Also note that 230-page proceedings from CASI's conference
remain available for download (in PDF format, it makes a great companion to
the recent book edited by Anthony Arnove).

The material below (a small sample of what's available) can be found at
<>, chiefly under the "Info Sources" and
"Briefings" links.  Sincere thanks to all those who provide content for the
site and contribute to its maintenance. 

- Links to all online SCR Resolutions and SG Reports 
- Amorim Panel reports (Mar 1999), including the Disarmament Report 
- Special Topics submission to the Humanitarian Panel
- Excerpts from the Aga Khan report (17 July 1991). 
- The Ahtisaari report (20 March 1991)

- UNOCHI/Baghdad report on "no-fly" airstrikes
- UNICEF reports on childhood mortality (and the May 2000 Lancet follow-up) 
- FAO, WFP, and WHO reports (drought coverage, nutrition, etc.)  Some
reports date to the mid-90s

>> NGOs
- Letters, press releases, and current positions including the recent joint
letter from Save the Children Fund UK, Global Policy Forum, Human Rights
Watch, Mennonite Central Committee, Peace Action Education Fund, and the
Quaker UN Office.

- "UN agency reports on the humanitarian situation in Iraq", by Colin Rowat 
- "SCR 1284 and its implications" by Colin Rowat 
- "U.S. Diplomatic and Commercial Relationships with Iraq, 1980 - 2 August
1990" by Nathaniel Hurd 

- "Twenty Five Laments for Iraq" by Robert Minhinnick (Winner, Tolman Cunard
Prize, for Best Single Poem in the 1999 Forward Prizes) 
- "Saddam's cake" by Rose George

- House of Lords Debates and "Future of Sanctions" report
- Campbell/Conyers and Hall coverage; AIPAC reaction
- French government and European Parilament repots
- Egypt, Canada, Morocco, New Zealand, Ireland
- Congressional researach on Iraqi food supplies from 1991 !!
- Listing of basic sanctions legislation (1997 - lengthy!)
- Link to the FAS library of de-classified CIA docs on the Gulf

- Iraqi Military Forces Ten Years After the Gulf War, Anthony H. Cordesman
- Redefining Iraq's Obligation: The Case for Qualitative Disarmament of
Iraq, Scott Ritter, Arms Control Today

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