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"Killing Iraq 1990-20_ _ "

Salim McCarron wrote:
Speaking of messaging.  I work in the internet business, specifically
designing ads and pages for our marketing department.  I am wondering
why we call this "sanctions" when it is not sanctions. We are
at "WAR". We are not trying to stop "sanctions" we are trying to stop
a "WAR".  This isn't an anti-sanctions movement it is an "ANTI-WAR"
movement. Our branding statement (the thing that makes our "product"
unique) should be along the lines "Stop the War against the Arabs".



You are 100% correct, Salim!!!!!!!  It is  the "WAR" against Iraq that
we should be  fighting to stop....calling it what it is: "A Genocidal War
of Attrition."

In 1991 we made the following flyers to distribute everywhere we went. Knowing
the military and political history of the United States, and that Bush had  "Broken
the "Viet Nam Syndrome,"  we knew that that we were in for the "long haul," and
that the planned and calculated de-population of Iraq and re-colonization of the
Middle East by the United States was in progress.   The missing numbers
that will one day fill the blank spaces in the title on our flyer will reflect America's
greatest Abuse of Power and Arrogance,  and the its greatest Crime Against Humanity
in the 20th-21st Centuries.  Dare we hope that it will be its last?
Addressing  the subject of "GOD" as an ally (see below) we recall that in January 2000
former president George  Bush told US troops bombing Iraq from air bases in
Kuwait,  that they are "Doing  the Lord's Work."   The terrifying part of this habit
of US politicians to invoke "GOD" as their authority for everything from 'anti-abortion'
to war and waging Military Terrorism with impunity against the powerless, to GENOCIDE,
is that both 'RepubliCrat' candidates for president of the US --and their chosen  running mates
-- are busy injecting GOD into their campaign speeches across the country, and vowing "To
stay the course" with Iraq.  Apparently America's GOD is still busy directing US politicians
and War Lords, and supports the US military-industrial complex.

Our flyers, first printed in 1991, read as follows:

                              Killing  Iraq :  1990 - 20_ _
"Howard Rosenberg (LA Times reporter) wrote an article shortly after the Gulf war entitled, "Watching Hate in Its Ugly Forms."  A review of
Bill Moyer's film, "Beyond Hate," it read in part:

    "...dehumanization of the enemy is what links haters everywhere....
    a shared self-vision of moral omnipotence....a certainty that GOD is
    their ally...a need to divorce people from their humanity....portray as
    dangerous, destroyers...or best of all, be stamped out..
    epithets to degnegrate...sway public enmity against
    them.  Bush described Saddam Hussein as "another HITLER"......
    Shamir equated Palestinians with "grasshoppers."

He (Rosenberg) ended his article with the words:
    "When language fails, violence becomes the language.  In this case,
       language is money.  Hello Hate.  Hello Profits."

In his 1/8/96 review of Frontline's movie "GULF WAR," he
(Rosenberg) defined the Gulf War:

     ".......coalition partners kicked some serious butt over oil."

George Bush began his march to war with demonization and
de-humanization,  Saddam was "Worse than Hitler," and lies about
"Babies thrown out of incubators, " build "the emotional
landscape of hate."

Repeating that "There will be NO negotiations," Bush said that he
"prayed" (God was his ally?) before ordering the military terrorism
to begin.

General Schwarzkoph said he "knelt and prayed" (God was his ally?)
before commanding the destruction of a desert nation the size of Nevada
(pop. 20-mil.),  and the killing of over 100,000 Muslims to begin.

When all the military targets and Iraq's infastructure and life-support
systems had been destroyed, Bush stopped the US-orchestrated
blitzkrieg and boasted:

        "We bombed IRAQ back into the STONE AGE!!!!!"

He sealed Iraq's borders, partitioned the country, occupied the northern
3rd, initiated illegal fly-overs, and began the wait for the Iraqi Arabs
to slowly die from starvation and diseases under the most severe and
barbaric sanctions ever imposed on a nation, proclaiming that:

    "SANCTIONS will NOT be lifted no matter what Saddam does!"

That policy remains.  1 million Iraqi children have died as a direct result
of sanctions; heart, diabetic, dialysis, cancer, polio, chronically ill,
surgical, emergency patients have died; malnutrition is widespread,
and a UN report states that 4 million Iraqis are dying.

"Arab" Iraq has been turned into a POW & DEATH CAMP to "send
a message," ..."to punish Saddam," and to secure control of the world's 2nd richest oil reserves before moving against Iran, Libya and Syria.

It's GENOCIDE and its a WAR CRIME!
--------------------------------1991 Committee for Peace and Justice

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