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developing solid responses to frequent misleading claims

Dear list members,

Anyone who has followed the public statements of US or British officials
on Iraq will see that a small set of misleading statements are repeatedly
made (e.g. simple explanations of the differences between nutrition in
Iraqi Kurdistan and the rest of the country, a failure to explain that the
1991 version of "oil for food", rejected by Iraq, would have offered less
oil sales than the UN deemed necessary to meet Iraq's minimum needs, etc).

As these statements are likely to continue to recur it therefore seems
sensible to assemble a response to them.  I therefore wondered whether
there might be people on this list who might be willing to 

(i) come up with a list of statements of this sort; and 

(ii) develop answers to them, which could be put on CASI's website.

Three sources for the first come to mind: Albright's Personal View
in the Financial Times on 2 August, Hain's comment in the Independent on 7
August and the State Department's own "myths and facts" page at

If anyone is interested in this, please let me know so that we can discuss
how to proceed with this.


Colin Rowat

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