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Documentary film project

Dear list members,

For the past three weeks or so CASI members have been exploring the
possibility of developing a documentary film on Iraqi life through the
1990s.  The format that we are exploring is a "talking heads" interview
based approach in which Iraqis would simply talk about their lives in a
non-political manner.  The hope would be that honest stories will connect
to viewers in the UK and make it slightly easier to see Iraqis as humans
rather than as minions of Saddam or pawns in a power struggle.

One of the variants on this idea that seems to be evolving would involve
interviewing Iraqis and Brits in the UK about their interactions with Iraq
and Iraqis over the past decade.  In addition to the hope mentioned above,
this might also help members of the Iraqi community here articulate their
experiences of being hidden citizens for the past decade.

One of the messages that we are getting from people familiar with film is
that getting something like this on television will be very difficult. 
One of the questions that we will therefore have to ask is whether the
project is worth pursuing even if the result is never aired nationally
(e.g. if the result is simply a videotape that can be used by individuals
or groups as they see fit). 

I am therefore writing to ask what members of this list would think about
such a resource.  Would it be sufficiently useful to us as a community
without being aired?

Thank you in advance for any comments that you might have.


Colin Rowat

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