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A question on the efforts to remove sanctions.

Dear all,
My name is Hadi I am an Anglo/Iraqi student who has followed with interest
the work of organisations and individuals on this list in their efforts to
remove the genocidal sanctions against Iraq. First of all I would like to
thank all these individuals and organisations in their efforts to remove one
of the worst crimes against humanity in history, which I believe ranks equal
in comparison to the Nazi Holocaust against the Jews in the 1940's and the
Stalinists purges of the 1930's. Undoubtedly when history condemns sanctions
as it condemned the Holocaust and the Stalinist purges your efforts will be
highlighted by future historians in languages we yet know and in nations yet
However it is with regards to your efforts I would like to seek
clarification on two points.
1) The issue of sanctions is an emotive issue widely known and condemned by
the Arab masses on a street level, in the same fashion for example that
their is widespread condemnation of Zionism and the ethnic cleansing of
Palestine by the Zionist entity know as "Israel" on the street level. I am
interested given the nature of this list is dominated by Non Arab and Non
Muslim individuals why so many of you are active in the anti sanctions
movement. To be more specific I would like to know how any of you became
aware of the effects of sanctions and subsequently became active in the
campaign against this weapon of mass destruction. Is it because you are
involved generally in left wing causes in the third world? Were you already
activists in the Middle East for example over the Palestinian issue? Or are
you simply individuals with no academic or professional connection to the
Middle East who felt compelled to enter this just cause due to its own
significance of being a great crime against humanity?
2) Given the various answers to the above I would like to ask the various
active campaigners against sanctions on this list, how do they propose to
make the injustice and affects of sanctions known to the general public on
the street level in the UK and US (the only two countries in favour of
continuing sanctions with the power to maintain their application) in order
to get the facts and issues we are all aware of on this list to a popular
audience outside of Middle East academic and professional circles. Such a
feat would involve overcoming mainstream public ignorance and indifference,
mainstream public clichés of Arabs and Muslims as "fanatics," "extremists,"
"fundamentalists" and "backward" dark skinned foreigners who deserve what
they get and mainstream public perceptions based on the US and UK stereotype
proclamations about Iraq possessing weapons of mass destruction, refusing to
comply and being a military threat to regional peace and stability etc?
I would welcome any insight into the two above questions,
Regards Hadi.

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