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Ekeus: Why UNSCOM Didn't Reveal Names

To follow-up on Eric Herring's 13 July post "Re: dodgy (un) dealings":

>From Graham-Brown, Sarah, "Sanctioning Saddam: The Politics of Intervention in Iraq," (London: 
>I.B. Tauris, 1999), pg. 88

"Some of Iraq's weapons capacity is the result of local production - for example, of some chemical 
agents and delivery systems - but most of the basic components and technology come from the very 
countries which are now imposing these severe controls.  During their investigations, the IAEA and 
UNSCOM have evidently added to the list of suppliers of components, precursors and technical 
expertise revealed by the Scott Report in the UK, congressional inquiries in the US and more 
limited investigations in other European countries.  Letters of credit found in the Central Bank of 
Iraq further identified companies which had been selling military equipment to Iraq.  All this 
information has been kept confidential.

The former Chairman of UNSCOM, Rolf Ekeus, explained that this decision was not the result of any 
'deal' with Iraq.

'It was to do with the major governments which were the supplier countries...If we had told 
about...[a] major company in country X, in western Europe, I can assure you that government would 
never forgive us.  Because what would happen was the name would be published, legislation would be 
taken [sic], one-sided sanctions against that company, that would hurt national economic interest 
and they would cut us off from information .' (Graham-Brown quotes from Channel 4 Television 
(London), "Dispatches Special: Saddam's Secret Timebomb," Roberts and Wykeham Films, 23 February 
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