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Re: How to handle Hain?

Hello Moonirah. To reply..

>Your wrote:
>" So does he believe that Iraq will supply terrorists who will bomb targets
>in the west? >On what basis? "
>With respect, are you not yet aware of Saddam's paid stooges already in
>Britain ?

I'm sure there are supporters of the Iraqi regime attending meetings in
Britain. The question as I see it is, what basis do we have for believing
that there is such a significant threat of terrorist activity that it is
outweighed by a policy which kills thousands of children every month?

>I saw three of his thugs
they attend >public meetings
>position themselves at the doorway, attempt preventing bonafide British,
Kurdish and Iraqi individuals speaking
plus try >to stop local people putting up posters
they take leaflets of others >and throw them on the floor.
>After the meeting they harrass local and foreign individuals who >spoke
their mind.

In my judgement, throwing leaflets on the floor and harrassing speakers,
annoying though that is, does not constitute a grave threat to world peace
or to western security. Certainly it cannot be seriously used as
justification for the sanctions-induced death of even a single child, let
alone thousands.

>I can assure you that such actions are not all
>that they would do if ordered by the current Iraqi regime.

Possibly, but that's a big 'if' on which to base a policy that you know will
cause massive suffering and death. What would it take for such orders to
arrive? So far there have been two major military assaults on Iraq, leaving
almost the entire civilian infrastructure in ruins. Constant bombing in
between. No fly zones. Refusal to allow clean up of depleted uranium.
Draconian sanctions leading to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of
innocent people, most born long after the Gulf 'war' had finished. Yet still
those orders from the Iraqi regime haven't arrived.

The regime, so our leaders tell us, smuggle everything they need to live a
life of opulence. They surely then have the means to carry out the odd
terrorist attack. They've also had 10 years and plenty of motive. It hasn't

The FCO/ Pentagon says we are at risk from terrorist attack if sanctions are
dropped. I think the question is still valid: on what basis can anyone make
that judgment?

All the best


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