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Hain & UK policy on Iraq

Here are a few more ideas. Has anyone had experience (good or 
bad) of submitting short and direct written questions eg via your 

I think that the main problem with UK policy on Iraq is that it is too 
close to US policy. The US appears to be following a vendetta 
against Iraq.

Holds and delays by the 661 committee have led to more suffering 
and deaths in Iraq. What % of all holds have been applied by the 

The US/UK by virtue of holding vetoes have prevented the ending of 
the current genocidal sanctions regime. If these two countries did 
not use their veto would there not be an overwhelming majority on 
the UNSC who would vote for major change?

The UK produced Resolution 1284 which many have seen as a 
shameful and bogus attempt to resolve the suffering in Iraq. The 
vetoes held by the US/UK prevented any meaningful progress by 
less brutal countries in the UNSC. Is it really true that the UK did not 
at any time enter into discussions with the Government of Iraq whilst 
preparing this resolution?

The US/UK seem to ignore the UNSC when they want to. Desert 
Fox did serious harm to the UN monitoring regime in Iraq. Why did 
the US/UK not allow the UNSC to make the decision?

Noting that the UK Prime Minister made it clear that some 
(sleeping) soldiers were targets, what are the US/UK estimates of 
Iraqi casualties from Desert Fox?

The no-fly zones and punishment bombings do not have the 
authority of the UNSC. Why does the UK not seek the approval of 
the UNSC?

Substantial amounts of DU were used by the US/UK in the Gulf 
War. There are serious concerns about major health risks to the 
civilian population as a result. Will the UK urgently seek (and help 
fund) an independent study of this in Iraq?

The UK government has expressed the desire to have an ethical 
foreign policy. As one of the two prime movers of the sanctions 
policy can you tell us how many Iraqis are estimated to have been 
killed as a result of the Gulf War and the sanctions?

Mark Parkinson

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