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The 605 and sanctions

I sent this some time ago but it still seems to be relevant.

From:                   Mark Parkinson <>
Subject:                Re:Voices UK Letter-writing Campaign draft letters
Date sent:              Tue, 18 Apr 2000 14:12:35 +0100

Hi Moonirah

Thank you very much for the information. It is my view that the 605 
are casualties of US/UK policy on Iraq (whilst not excusing SH of 
course). That policy has focussed on isolating the Government of 
Iraq from diplomatic activity, bombing its territory and maintaining a 
genocidal sanctions regime.

Here are some steps that the Kuwaiti Government could take:

1)      asking the allies NOT to police the no-fly zones from Kuwait 
(use Saudi Arabia or carriers instead). From an Iraqi perspective, 
Kuwait is actively supporting attacks on its sovereignty, territory and 
people - without UNSC approval. Who is the zone protecting 
anyway? There is a cost implication of course. It is a shame the 
zone was extended - as punishment for actions in the North. This 
makes it more necessary to use Kuwait.
2)      try to cooperate with Iraq concerns about Iraqis missing in 
3)      ask for the suspension or reduction of the 30% that is being 
taken away from Iraqi oil earnings until such time as the economy 
and population recover. This 'dirty' money is being earnt at the 
expense of civilian lives - 6000 a month.
4)      begin to restore diplomatic relations with Iraq. It has been 
US/UK policy to rubbish the Iraqi Government (there are many bad 
ones around the world). If we treat them as dirt then can we expect 
them to behave any better?
5)      most importantly, press the US/UK to remove the 605 as a 
precondition for lifting sanctions. Then hopefully this would become 
a humanitarian issue NOT a political football.

Making the release of the 605 a condition for lifting these 
murderous sanctions is tantamount to murder itself. Anyway it has 
not worked. I do hope that the Russian will make progress - this 
was a good move in my view.

It appears that the US/UK/Kuwait Governments are quite content to 
see 6000 Iraqis perish every month as well as the misery that the 
rest are going through. Do they really care about the 605 or are they 
more interested in having them as yet another reason to keep 
sanctions in place?

> Could you please explain whether you or HELP are in favour of keeping
> the economic sanctions on Iraq until the 605 are released?

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Mark Parkinson

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