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R: [iac-disc.] Anti-sanctions: leafletting schedule for saturday

I was sure she DID spoke against sanctions+ACE-

Anyway, what about your protest? What happened there?

Eri Garuti

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Data: venerd+AOw- 7 luglio 2000 16.37
Oggetto: +AFs-iac-disc.+AF0- Anti-sanctions: leafletting schedule for saturday

+AD4-Mary Robinson, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights will be one of the
+AD4-speakers at the +ACI-Transforming the United Nations+ACI- conference being held
+AD4-in Dublin.
+AD4-Activists from the Campaign to end Iraq Sanctions -- Ireland and the
+AD4-Iraqi Human rights Organisation will be at the gates of the conf.
+AD4-location to hand out leaflets and in particuler ask Mary Robinson Why
+AD4-she had not spoken out against the sanctions which kill about 300 Iraqi
+AD4-babies each day. (Copy of our leaflet is at the bottom of this email.)
+AD4-Where: The Royal College of surgeons, 123 St Stephens Green, Dublin 2
+AD4-Time: 9:30 AM, Saturday. July 8
+AD4-Please join us. We will supply the banners and lots of leaflets. We will
+AD4-also sit through her speech and look for opportunity to ask her
+AD4-questions. Denis Halliday, David Andrews, Paddy McGuiness, Maura Quinn
+AD4-and Tom Hyland are among other speakers.
+AD4-Also, a reminder of our weekly picket:
+AD4-Bank of Ireland, College Green, Dublin 2
+AD4-Time: +AEA-PM - 3PM.
+AD4-In solideraty,
+AD4-Sandeep Vaidya
+AD4-Campaign to end Iraq Sanctions -- Ireland
+AD4-Phone: (01) 6727803
+AD4-The Leaflet:
+AD4-United Nations kills Iraqi children
+AD4-10 years of criminal sanctions+ADs- 1.5 million Iraqis dead
+AD4-What has Mary Robinson, the UN High
+AD4-Commissioner for Human Rights to say about the UN supervised slaughter
+AD4-Iraqi people?
+AD4-An  American Congressman has called the sanctions on Iraq  infanticide
+AD4-masquerading for
+AD4- foreign policy.  In the next 10 minutes one Iraqi will have died due
+AD4-to lack of food, clean
+AD4-drinking water, medicine, and/or a dilapidated civilian infrastructure+ADs-
+AD4-all the result of 10 years of sanctions and almost daily bombings since
+AD4-December 1998.
+AD4-UN agencies working in the fields of health,  food,  agriculture, and
+AD4-sanitation have
+AD4-repeatedly warned us of the ongoing genocide in Iraq:
+AD4- We are destroying an entire society. It is as simple as that.  Denis
+AD4-Halliday, former UN
+AD4-Asst. Secretary General and Oil for Food Coordinator said.
+AD4-Death rates for children under age five have doubled. -- UNICEF Report,
+AD4-50+ACU- of rural people have no access to potable water and waste water
+AD4-treatment facilities no longer function in most urban areas. --WHO
+AD4-Could it be that nobody told Mary Robinson ?
+AD4-She claims to be a moral voice for victims of human rights violations.
+AD4-So, why is she silent now? Dont the people of Iraq deserve equal
+AD4-protection from the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights?
+AD4-Campaign to End the Iraq Sanctions Ireland
+AD4-125 Winter Garden+ADs- Pearse Street+ADs- Dublin 2
+AD4-Phone: 6727803/087 6888853+ADs-
+AD4-Iraqi Human Rights Organisation
+AD4-P. O. Box 5375
+AD4-Dublin 1
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