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Re: ralph nader, US green candidate

I am reproducing below two messages that relates to Nader's position on the

At a campaign stop in New Haven, CT, Green Party candidate Ralph Nader took
a question about sanctions in front of a crowd of about 200.

Q. You mentioned infant mortality. Our government created sanctions that
have caused a massive increase in infant morality in Iraq. Would you end the
genocidal sanctions?

Ralph Nader: It is a horrible brutal policy whose purpose is to entrench a
dictator. Look at how the dual use prohibition is carried out. It keeps
kidney dialysis machines from Iraq on grounds that they might have some
military use. It's a failed a brutal policy. Those who saw Leslie Stahl's
show about the sanctions some years ago know how cruel it is.

Ralph Nader on National Public Radio's "Talk of the Nation," 6/21/00, in
response to a caller asking for his position on the sanctions against Iraq:

"Well, certainly lifting sanctions that are responsible in significant part
for the deaths of 5,000 Iraqi children a month, according to the American
Physicians report and U.N. reports - this is one of the great crimes of the
Clinton Administration. You don't bring a dictator to his knees by killing
the children - [if you do that] you give the dictator even more propaganda
to repress his people. If you want to entrench a dictator, just cut off food
and medicines - you should see what's on the perscribed list - all kinds of
things that are considered 'dual us' that can be used for 'military
purposes,' like kidney dialysis machines. So this is something that has to
be corrected, and it really shows the cowardliness of the Clinton
Administration. It's enough that '60 Minutes' program by Leslie Stahl, when
she went to Iraq to watch these kids dying all over Iraq - you'd think that
would have been enough to wake up Madeline Albright. Instead she said 'well,
it's the price that has to be paid' - right on the Leslie Stahl, uh,

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Nader gave a powerful and detailed denunciation of the sanctions on Public
Radio last week.
I'll try to find  and post the URL if one is available that gives his exact
Thomas J. Nagy, Ph.D.
George Washington University
Washington, D.C.
richard byrne wrote:

Dear all
  There was a piece in the Guardian today about Ralph Nader, who is standing
for US presidnet on a Green ticket, and picking up a significant vote in the
polls. Does anyone know where he stands on sanctions? If not, can anyone
elicit something from him?
Richard Byrne

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