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Thanks + Not even the status of animals]

Dear Friends,

        Thanks to all who answered my query re Pilgar's documentary --
another example of the wonderful helpfulness of CASI.

        Enclosed is a letter to the editor regarding some easing of the
prohibition against  selling food to Cuba, but not to Iraq.  (The
article provoking the letter is at  I am sending
my letter to this list in the hope that others will send their letter
to build a database of letters  infomration on  whether or not the
letters  are published, so that our efforts can become even more

Thanks to all,

tom, from inside the belly of the beast

Thomas J. Nagy, Ph.D.
George Washington University
School of Business & Public Management
Washington, D.C.

To the editor:

        I applaud Susanna Rodell's "Backward Progress on Cuba", but feel
that the bill she cogently  deconstructs has an additional lethal and
criminal flaw.

        The bill continues to accept the use of the food  (and the
attendant starvation of children) as  a legitimate weapon  against the
children of Iraq. If these children were animal, our pets, not human
beings, then we would be in violation of law prohibiting cruelty to

        I bear the marks of malnutrition in my bones as an infant
survivor of  W.W.II.  If the current congress were in power in 1945, I
probably would have died. But in '45, congress decided not to starve the
defeated enemy including infants and probably prevented WWWIII as well
as avoiding yet another crime against humanity.

        For more, please see my pamphlet protesting the desecratation of
our graduation at George Washington University last month by Secretary
Albright who commits "infanticide masquerading as policy" according to
Rep. Bonoir.  The pamphlet is as



Tom Nagy, Ph.D.
Assoc. Prof.
Member, Faculty Senate
George Washington University
School of Business & Public Management

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