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Info wanted

Can any of the list members help me to find anwers for
the following questions that I received from a friend


Anybody can find us about the so called Kuwaiti
princess that Tom 
Lantos, the 
Californian Congressman, has presented to the U.S
Congress and who has 
falsely testified that she saw the Iraqi soldiers
throwing children out 
Kuwaiti hospital incubators?

This testimony has urged the Congressmen to sign with
Bush to invade 

1) Can anybody find the newspapers that spoke about
2) Can anybody find what this testimony have done to
the Congressmen?
3) Can anybondy find why Lantos have presented that so
called princess 
was not less than the daugther of the Kuwaiti
embassador and that she 
never left USA for the last five years before the Gulf
about that
4) Anything about the finding of the Reporters and on
the truth about 
5) Where is that princess now?
6) Can the Newspaper interview her?

Please help us to get anything about this subject.

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