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UNSCOM expulsion/withdrawal

I have constructed a brief chronology (based on Butler's 
book 'Saddam Defiant'), which you might find as a useful 
reference point: 

5 August 1998: Iraq suspends cooperation with UNSCOM and 
IAEA re disarmament, maintaining that it had disarmed. 

27 August 1998: Ritter resigns over illusory disarmament 
being worse than none and over US spying via UNSCOM. [The 
precise date might have been a day or so either side of 
this, but itís about right] 

30 October: UN Security Council letter requiring compliance 
before sanctions review. 

31 October: Iraq suspends cooperation with UNSCOM and IAEA 
re monitoring as well. UNSCOM staff remain in Iraq. [Iím 
less sure about the exact movements of IAEA staff] 

11 November: UNSCOM staff withdrawn to Bahrain as US makes 
military threats. 

14 November: Iraq declares resumption of cooperation with 

17 November: UNSCOM staff return to Iraq.

14 December: Butler report sent to Annan declaring Iraqi 
cooperation unsatisfactory 

14-15 December: UNSCOM staff withdrawn to Jordan and 

15 December: Butlerís report received by UN 
Security Council members. 

16 December: Operation Desert Fox begins during Security 
Council discussion of Butlerís report. 

Subsequently [I donít have a precise date to hand], Iraq 
declares it will not allow UNSCOM to return in any 
circumstances. There has been some continuing Iraqi 
cooperation with the IAEA.

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