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Two superb documents on the CASI website

Those who haven't checked CASI's website recently may be interested in two
just-released documents <>:  

(1) Sanctions on Iraq: Background, Consequences, Strategies
> This 230 page book contains the proceedings of CASI's Nov-99 conference.
It's available as a free PDF download or by mailorder (US$15.00 from North
> See the Table of Contents, below, and highlights at

(2) Newsletter May 2000
> This 14-page document offers analysis of the latest UN maneuvers and
oil-for-food holds (including some damning behind-the-scenes comments from
UN staffers in New York and Baghdad), updates on the US and UK political
scene, commentaries from increasingly critical NGOs, and other material.
> Available as a free PDF download from CASI's main page

In the anti-sanctions movement, too often it seems we must shout to be
heard.  Yet sometimes, a dispassionate analysis carries greater weight.
Both voices are heard in these pages, and the effect is sobering and

Heartfelt thanks to those in CASI who helped make this material available.

Drew Hamre
Golden Valley, MN USA


Table of Contents:  Sanctions on Iraq: Background, Consequences, Strategies


'20 Years of Saddam Hussein, 1979-1999.'
by Ivor Lucas
'How did we get here?  A history of British and American relations with
by George Joffé

'Changes in health and well-being in Iraq during the 1990s.'
by Richard Garfield

Non-Governmental Organisations
'NGO Opportunities, Options and Constraints Regarding Iraq.'
by Rita Bhatia and Andrea Ledward

Society and Culture
'The Iraqi Exodus.'
by Harriet Griffin 
'Sanctions and Women in Iraq.'
by Nadje Al-Ali 
'Sanctions from an Iraqi perspective.'
by Emad Salman 

Weapons of Mass Destruction
by Hugh Macdonald

Depleted Uranium
'Depleted Uranium and its effects in Iraq.'
by Doug Rokke 

Personal Accounts
'Experiencing Iraq today.'
by Felicity Arbuthnot and Nikki van der Gaag 
'Popular anti-sanctions groups in the UK.'
by Milan Rai 

International Politics
'Sanctions and the Middle East.'
by Chris Doyle 

The British and French Government Positions
'Address to the Security Council'
by Sir Jeremy Greenstock [Jon Davies] 
'Iraq/Adoption of the Security Council Resolution:
Communiqué issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.'
by M. Hubert Vedriné [Anis Nacrour] 
'Between Iraq and a Hard Place: A Critique of the British Government's
Narrative on UN Economic Sanctions.'
by Eric Herring 

Appendix 1: United Nations Resolution 1284
Appendix 2: Glossary of Terms 

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