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Re: George Bush decided he wanted a war: Pierre Salinger

There are a wealth of books that were published that tell what the media and our government wouldn't tell you about the
contrived Gulf War.  You might start with:
(1)  Pierre Salinger and Eric Laurent's book, "Secret Dossier: The Hidden Agenda Behind the Gulf War".
(2) "Desert Mirage: The true story of the Gulf War", by Martin Yant. Foreward by John Glenn.
(3)  "The Gulf Conflict and International Relations" by Ken Matthews.
(4) "The March to War: from day one to war's end and beyond" by James Ridgeway.
(5)  "Mr. Bush's War: Adventures in the Politics of Illusion" by Stephen R. Graubard.
(6)  "All Necessary Means: Inside the Gulf War" by BBC correspondents Ben Brown and David Shukman.
(7)  War Crimes:  A Report on United States War Crimes Against Iraq" by Ramsey Clark.
(quoting from  page 262:  "Finally, for those who still doubt the importance of the role of Israel in the war, the Lebanese jurist Camille Harb cited the statement of Norman Schwarzkoph on Israeli radio on May 22, 1991: "We made the war for you.")
(In the US:  since the war the major Jewish organizations and powerful Jewish members of the U.S. Congress
have been strong voices for the intensification and extension of  the deadly economic sanctions enforced by the U.S. Check out  their web sites.)
(8)  Imposing Economic Sanctions: Legal Remedy or Genocidal tool? by Geoff Simons.
(9)  "George Bush vs Saddam Hussein: Military Success!  Political failure?"
by Roger Hilsman.
Hilsman wrote the following (page 16) about the 'hitlerized dictator"  our U.S. and G.B  war lords and genocide promoters continue to rant and rave about being solely responsible ---not the bomb damage or unprecedented economic blockade -- for the suffering by starvation and disease of the Iraqi Arab population:

         "Hussein launched a huge economic development program.  He cut taxes, raised wages, and subsidized basic  foods.  He took land from the wealthy and gave it to peasants.  He launched impressive housing, health, and education programs. Free education was established from kindergarten to the university.  Eliminating illiteracy became the target of a large-scale effort.  He also launched an ambitious program to emancipate women -- a remarkable move in an Arab country -- including equal pay and outlawing job discrimination on the basis of sex."
    (If that sounds familiar, consider the  harsh and unrelenting near 40 year old propaganda, economic, military and political war, blockade, and covert-actions the US has engaged in against the 11 million Cubans for initiating similar reforms.  South Vietnam made the same mistake.   This is the "rot"  that "the establishment" has feared would spread throughout the "Third World"  if it were not stopped  in its tracks by the "world's greatest democracy." )

There is also an impressive collection of books about the censorship that the U.S. used to sell and sustain their War of Mass Destruction against Iraq.  If you are interested in some titles I will be happy to forward them to you.

nels b
-------------------- wrote:

"The Gulf War was the most interesting piece of reporting that I did because
it came out with a story that the press didn't tell the America people ...
that the Gulf War was absolutely unnecessary....   George Bush decided he
wanted a war.   And George Bush decided to tell Saddam Hussein to go ahead
and invade Kuwait."    Pierre Salinger.
Does anybody know of a url and/or further details regarding Pierre Salinger's
statement please ??
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