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Re: European parliament reported resolution

Hi all:

I have found this resolution which was adopted two weeks ago. Azzaman's
reporting is different (but I stand by my translation - any Arabic speaker
will confirm it), and if no other resolution on Iraq followed then they are
getting their reports two weeks late!


European Parliament

Texts Adopted by Parliament

Provisional Edition : 13/04/2000

B5-0342, 0349, 0365 and 0374/00

European Parliament resolution on the situation in Iraq
The European Parliament,

-  having regard to UN General Assembly Resolutions 687, 688, 1293 and 1284
(which was adopted by two permanent members of the Security Council),

A.  whereas the Iraqi government is obliged to continue to accept and assist
with the inspections carried out by the UN with a view to destroying nuclear
and chemical weapons and to cooperate with the International Committee of
the Red Cross, which has been given the task of locating and repatriating
all those who disappeared during Iraq's occupation of Kuwait,

B.  whereas the Iraqi people are in a tragic situation as a result of the
imposition of sanctions,

C.  whereas these sanctions are penalising the civilian population but, in
nine years, have not succeeded in weakening the Iraqi regime, which caused
the conflict and bears most of the responsibility for it,

D.  whereas numerous international agencies and several former UN officials
responsible for overseeing the Food for Oil Programme have denounced the
tragic consequences the sanctions are having for the Iraqi people, and some
of them have gone so far as to resign from their posts,

E.  whereas, according to UNICEF, over half a million children have died in
the decade since sanctions were imposed,

1.  Calls, on grounds of humaníty, on the Council, the Commission and the
High Representative for the CFSP to take action to ensure that:

(a)  the Security Council clarifies the terms of Resolution 1284 by
specifying precisely what is expected of the Iraqi government;

(b)  Iraq agrees to cooperate in applying the UN resolutions;

(c)  consequently, the lifting of sanctions is announced as a matter of

(d)  the international community continues to exercise vigilance with regard
to the Iraqi regime;

(e)  attention is drawn to the need to abide by the rules of the UN Charter
and that, consequently, military action not authorised by the Security
Council is discontinued;

(f)  the quest for an overall political solution based on compliance with
the standards of the international community is encouraged;

2.  Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Council, the
Commission, the High Representative for the CFSP and the governments of the
Member States, of the United States and of Iraq.


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Sent: Thursday, April 27, 2000 9:06 AM
Subject: RE: European parliament reported resolution

> Hi
> I'm a bit confused. I was under the impression that Britain was part of
> European parliament. Clearly, I'm wrong or the resolution could not have
> been adopted unanimously. Please enlighten me.
> Regards,
> Nathan
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> Sent: Thursday, April 27, 2000 3:10 AM
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> Subject: European parliament reported resolution
> Friends,
> Wednesday's (26/04/2000) issue of the Arabic London-based Azzaman
> reported the following about a resolution taken by the European parliament
> on Monday. I have searched the news agencies but there was no mention of
> so I had to translate Azzaman's report from Arabic myself. Also, it seems
> the European parliament site does not publish its resolutions immediately.
> The last one published today was that of 14/04/2000.
> I did my best, but hopefully we will have an official English version
> The report must also be taken as Azzaman's interpretation of the
> and not as its original text. Some of the wording seems to resemble that
> used by Baghdad, not the European parliament! This comes as a surprise as
> Azzaman can be considered as an opposition newspaper.
> If you can read Arabic you can download the (.pdf) file from Azzaman's
> (page 1) or I can e-mail it to you.
> Thanks,
> Hathal
> Translation:
> Azzaman, Wednesday 26/04/2000, page 1
> European Parliament Objects to Military Operations against Iraq
> Paris: The European parliament demanded, for the first time, an end to the
> economic embargo on the people of Iraq, and a stop to the military
> operations by the US and Britain against Iraqi military sites. The
> parliament adopted the resolution unanimously on Monday (24/04/00). It was
> proposed by the French parliamentarians the De Gaullian Philip Mur Leon
> the Socialist Sami Nyeer (spelling?), and it called for the necessity of
> putting an end to the great suffering that inflicts more and more damage
> the Iraqi people, and which is doomed to lead to a serious humanitarian
> crisis. It also called for a stoppage of the aerial bombardment operations
> which "do nothing but increase tension in the region." The resolution
> for the intensification of efforts to urge governments to take more
> realistic measures to quicken the breakage of the economic embargo for
> thousands of Iraqis pay a hefty price daily. It also emphasized the
> rejection of policies which aim to interfere in the interior affairs of
> sovereign nations. In the same time, it emphasized the importance of
> considering the United Nations as the body directly responsible for the
> implementation of UN resolutions and of granting it the independence in
> directing its policies in general.
> Observers in the French capital think that the timing of issuing this
> resolution is directly related to some of the changes on the international
> scene. Western capitals seem to have had enough of American-British
> domination of everything that happens in the Middle East, and they may
> prefer to go through parliamentary councils to condemn that before
> it on the 'official table' with all the diplomatic repercussions that may
> have.
> End translation
> --
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