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As I have no financial connection with the book, I feel free to promote it shamelessly.

The book is "Iraq Under Siege : The Deadly Impact of Sanctions and War", edited by Anthony Arnove.   It's available through and will ship within 24-hours.  The Economist gave it an excellent review, which Rania Masri previously posted <> (she co-authored a chapter).

I've just ordered two copies, myself.  A full description can be found here <>, as can the Table of Contents:

Anthony Arnove Introduction
The Roots of US/UK Policy 
Naseer Aruri -- US Policy on Iraq: 1990-1999
Phyllis Bennis and Denis Halliday Iraq -- The Impact of Sanctions and U.S. Policy (Interview with David Barsamian)
Noam Chomsky US Iraq Policy -- Motives and Consequences
Myths and Realities 
John Pilger -- Collateral Damage
Voices in the Wilderness -- Ten Myths About Sanctions
Robert Fisk -- The Hidden War
Rania Masri and Ali Abunimah -- The Media’s Deadly Spin on Iraq
Howard Zinn -- One Iraqi’s Story
Life Under Sanctions 
Kathy Kelly -- Raising Voices: The Children of Iraq 1990-1999
Barbara Nimri -- Aziz Targets--Not Victims
George Capaccio -- Killing a Country and a People
Documenting the Impact of Sanctions 
Dr. Peter Pellett -- Sanctions, Food, Nutrition, and Health in Iraq
Dr. Huda S. Ammash -- The Impact of Sanctions on the Environment and Health in Iraq
Activist Responses 
Edward Said, Noam Chomsky, Ed Herman, Howard Zinn, Robert Jensen, William Keach, June Jordan, Angela Davis, Carlos Muñoz, Jr, and Sharon Smith.   Sanctions Are Weapons of Mass Destruction

Noam Chomsky -- Sanctions as Biological Warfare
Sharon Smith -- Building the Movement to End Sanctions
Drew Hamre
Golden Valley, MN USA

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Somebody recently posted a message to this discussion list about a new
book on Iraq published by new press. I would be grateful if someone
could post me with the details of it once again as I unfortunately have
lost the original message.


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