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Help Iraq

Dear Friends,

If we could get the following project going around the
world, the media
couldn't  ignored  it. We would have a tremendous
voice to change the


Please join me in the creation of the following art
project. You don't
need to be an "Artist".
Each  creation will be  included in an art book that
looks at the rights

of the child.
I am a Canadian artist and I completed an art project
in Iraq in April
It was a line drawing of a child. The primitive and
simple image was
formed using small stones laid on the ground. I
dedicated this ground
art to the Iraqi children in support of their rights
which are
guaranteed under international law.
I would like to put out a call to all creatively
minded people around
the world, including children, to join me in creating
a similar ground
art project in their part of the world, in support of
the children
around the world.
Each person involved would design their own image and
lay it out
I ask  that the image be of a mother and child. It
should be kept simple

and be as large as possible so that it becomes part of
the surrounding
landscape. Smaller projects would not be ruled out.
Each image will be
included in a future art book that looks at children's
rights.  I am in
the process of inviting celebrities  who have
supported peace and
understanding,  to write a few words (a short
paragraph) that would
accompany this art book project. One page would show
the artwork of a
community, the facing page would have a short
paragraph on the rights of

the child.
I will be doing an image here in British Columbia,
Canada this year.
For each art project, artists might wish to use stones
in piles to form
the lines as I did in Iraq. Or perhaps they will dig a
deep line into
the ground to form their image. Others might plant a
thick line of
tulips to form their drawing on the ground and watch
it re appear every
Some might plant a bed of flowers in a field where
children, mothers and

dads could walk around together and sense the image
Or it might just be a dry line of stones out in the
I could even see a beautiful image formed by having
small children
stand  or sit in position to form the shape of the
mother and child
I laid out my design on the ground in Baghdad in a
couple of days so it
doesn't need to be a huge investment of your time.
Once their project is complete, I ask that the image,
within it's
landscape, be creatively photographed in special and
interesting light
or extreme weather conditions.
I hope to  include everything from the windy, lush
green hills of
Scotland, the sunbaked desert of Jordan, to the open
plains of Africa.
If anyone would like to take part in this exciting
project, please
contact me.

Deryk Houston,
250 598-9908   Canada

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