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Re: Getting Pilger to US

Fellow Activists,
     Last night we viewed via videotape the Pilger documentary "Paying
the Price: Killing the Children of Iraq," and we are strongly impressed
with it.  This film is a powerful educational and organizing resource.  It
presents a host of credible voices, some Iraqi, some British, who show
and tell how the siege of Iraq is being accomplished and by whom.  Pilger
explains the machinations of the Sanctions Committee, and he takes the
viewers back to the Gulf War and the horrors of how that war was waged
against the people of Iraq.  He addresses the bombing of Iraq by filming a
pastoral hillside where first one and, soon after, a second bomb was
dropped, killing a sheepherding family and its herd of sheep.  Pilger is a
dogged interviewer whose insistence on challenging governmental
contradictions and false statements makes his interviewees noticeably
     People in the US should see this documentary.  As a movement, we
need to strategize how to get this film broadcast as widely as possible.  I
don't know what Pilger might be doing about US distribution or what
kind of help he might appreciate from us.  Has anyone approached Pilger
with the idea of touring in the US with his documentary?   The
documentary would be an invaluable resource at any Iraq-related
educational event.
       We have the Pilger documentary on videotape and would like to
show it to local activists and would like to use it as an
educational/organizing resource.  If any guidelines exist about showing
this videotape, please let us know.   
     In solidarity,  Kitty Bryant and Bob Allen
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