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RE: Has Nelson Mandela condemned the sanctions on Iraq?

Hi Nathan,

I too had problems finding a source. I have spent over
2 hours looking at the South African Government site

Which gives all speeches by every minister, President
and deputy preseident since 1997.. I have a feeling
that Mandela actually voiced his criticism during a
joint press conference with Bill Clinton when the
latter visited SA sometime last year. 

Interestingly, Peter Hain repeats the comparison with
the South Africa sanctions in his New Stateman article
on John Pilger. Someone is now correwsponding with the
spokeman for the South African Foriegn ministry asking
for their official stance. I will post the reply as
soon as I get it. 


--- Nathan Geffen <> wrote:
> I've done an extensive search on the Internet. The
> best I managed was to
> find this site:
> If you search for "Mandela" twice, you find the
> following sentence in the
> found paragraph:
> "In addition, the White House is less than pleased
> with Mandela’s resistance
> to US sanctions against both Iraq and Cuba."
> Unfortunately, the writer has not referenced the
> fact, rendering this
> evidence unusable. However, it does indicate that an
> even more extensive
> search might eventually bring up a reuters or
> associated press article
> containing a condemnation by Mandela of sanctions.
> If Mandela condemned Iraqi sanctions, it might well
> have been before 1998,
> making it very hard to find the original statement.
> Has anyone on the list had any better luck?
> Cheers,
> Nathan

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