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The Irish Times: High Iraqi child death toll blamed on UN sanctions

The Irish Times
Thursday, March 9, 2000 
High Iraqi child death toll blamed on UN sanctions

Government members sought urgent ministerial clarification on Ireland's 
position regarding the continuing high child death toll in Iraq due to United 
Nations' sanctions against the Baghdad regime.

Mr Michael Lanigan (FF) and party colleague Mr Paschal Mooney both referred to 
the television report earlier this week by journalist John Pilger.

Mr Lanigan said 4,000 young people were dying each month because of a lack of 
medicines, which were not getting into Iraq because of the UN embargo. The 
World Health Organisation and other bodies had accused the United States and 
Britain directly of stopping food and medicines getting in.

The British foreign secretary had stated categorically that he would not 
participate in the Pilger programme because he did not want to appear with 
dead and dying children. Thousands of children were dying monthly because of 
the actions of two members of the UN Security Council. "It's about time we 
took note of it. We should discuss this matter before another 4,000 children 
die in Iraq next month" added Mr Lanigan.

Mr Kathleen O'Meara (Lab) said what was happening in Iraq was disgraceful. Mr 
Lanigan should raise the matter directly with the Minister for Foreign 
Affairs, Mr Cowen. "We, as a nation, should distance ourselves from the 
actions of Britain and the US in this matter."

The leader of the House, Mr Cassidy, said he would try to have the matter 
aired within the coming weeks

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