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Re: My Summary Of The Pilger Documentary (For Non-Uk Readers)

> Thanks to all for sharing the reports of the Pilger documentary for the
> non-UK readers 
> I would like to purchase a copy of the documentary - does anyone know how
> I may do so?
> Also, and more importantly, does anyone know of efforts to distribute this
> documentary to TV stations in the US? We can easily get it on local public
> access tv channels, and we can lobby to get it on PBS channels.

Hi Rania,

A general response to your e-mail: production at Carlton TV (the show's
producers) can be reached by phoning +44 171 486 6688.  The Network Centre
number is +44 171 843 8000.  I don't know which of these is the better
number to try.

A general point to bear in mind when ordering videos from the UK is that
the UK uses the PAL video standard.  As North America uses NTSC you need
to make sure that you're getting the right form of video.  I don't know
what the rest of the world uses.

I don't know about US efforts to show it.

Best wishes,

Colin Rowat

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