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Text of Sheffield street leaflet

Dear friends,
One of your contributors (Mark Parkinson) recently asked for the text of
letters written to newspapers to be posted to the CASI list. Just as
useful would be the text of leaflets circulated in mailings and on the
streets. below is the text of a leaflet distributed in some numbers by
the Sheffield group (Sheffield Campaign Against War in the Gulf) leading
up to a successful street protest which took place on February 26.
This leaflet text also a contribution to the debate between opposing
liberal humanitarian and anti-imperialist views about how to wage our
campaign. This leaflet reflects the stance of the Sheffield Campaign,
which is to encompass the humanitarian dimension within its overall
anti-imperialist message (without necessarily using that word). This
leaflet makes no concessions to child-killers and does not attempt to be
diplomatic. We do adopt a different style in other of our letters and
appeals, so, for sake of giving y'all a balanced view of the Sheffiueld
campaign's appraoch, I've also attached the text of the Declartion of
Support for the Sheffield Delegation to Iraq and the accompanying
covwering letter.


John S

Oppose Sanctions and War on Iraq

Protest against Labour's ethical [this word is crossed out and
'genocidal' written above it] foreign policy

Tony Blair's government has recently celebrated 1000 days in power.
Every six minutes of these thousand days, an Iraqi child has died as a
direct result of the UK government’s policies of sanctions and war on
In recent months, the UK has vetoed the export of vaccines intended for
Iraqi children and has joined with the US in blocking $1.3 billion of
humanitarian supplies. UK warplanes continue to bomb Iraqi targets on a
weekly basis.
The pretext for this inhuman and criminal policy is to “contain Saddam”.
Yet the UK and US backed his regime for decades, supplying all the
weapons he needed to kill his own people, so as to preserve a safe
investment climate for UK and US oil companies.
The biggest problem in the Middle East is not Saddam, but the
determination of western powers to rule over and exploit the peoples and
natural resources of the region.
“Ethical foreign policy”? It’s a disgrace! Blair, Clinton and Cook are
war criminals!

*This figure has been established by various UN studies, the latest by
UNICEF, which reported that infant mortality of 131/1000 is three times
what it would have been in the absence of the brutal sanctions regime
and the devastation of the civilian infrastructure  and economy by US
and UK bombs in 1991 and since.

Shefield Campaign Against War in the Gulf

1. We reject and condemn the US/UK governments’ policy of bombing and
sanctions against Iraq.  We note with horror the genocidal effects of
these policies upon the Iraqi people, which include economic collapse,
soaring child deaths and radiation poisoning.
2. We welcome the decision of the Sheffield Campaign against War in Iraq
to send a delegation to Iraq in the year 2000 to:
- establish direct human contact with Iraqi people and build links of
solidarity between Iraqis and organisations in Sheffield
- report back to organisations in Sheffield the social and economic
realities of British and US policy towards Iraq
- deliver essential medicines and other much needed aid in opposition to
the sanctions
3. We agree to sponsor or support the delegation* in whatever way we can
by publicising the delegation, helping to raise funds or by giving a
donation. We note the cost of sending a delegate will be approximately
£700 per person. (If you or your organisation is able to give a donation
towards the cost of sending delegates, please make cheques payable to
“Sheffield Delegation to Iraq.”)

Dear Friend

Sheffield Delegation to Iraq

As many of you will be well aware, the British Government has continued
to use a policy of sanctions and bombing against the Iraqi people
despite mounting evidence from the UN that sanctions have caused
economic collapse with wide spread malnutrition and soaring child
deaths.  There is also clear evidence that the bombing of Iraq has left
an aftermath of radiation poisoning leading to increases in childhood
cancers and other diseases.  The Government’s policy of sanctions and
bombing remain in place and are a daily experience of the Iraqi

Since 1998, Sheffield Campaign against War in the Gulf has protested
against this genocidal policy by organising a petition, by holding
regular vigils and peaceful demonstration in the centre of Sheffield and
by raising the issue as widely as possible throughout the city.

As we go into the year 2000, we think it is most important to challenge
the Government’s complaisant rationalisation of an aggressive
war-mongering policy by both providing an alternative report on what is
the present situation in Iraq and by extending a hand of solidarity to
the many Iraqi teachers, doctors and nurses, women’s groups, trade
unions and grass roots organisations who bear the brunt of the
sanctions.  These are reasons for proposing a Sheffield delegation to
Iraq in the year 2000, a delegation which will hopefully have a broad
representation of members and have a lasting impact in reach a wide
Sheffield audience.

Attached is a declaration of support.  Please sign this as an individual
and/of, if you are able to, raise it at your trade union branch, women’s
group, religious group, political organisation or any other way you
can.  We clearly need funds to send a delegation but that’s not the only
thing.  We need your support and your person-power so we can rise funds
through concerts, sponsored walks, fund-raising meals and any other
ideas you may have to raise money.

Finally you or the organisation you may belong to, might want to have a
member on this Sheffield delegation.  If this is the case, please let us
know by phoning:

Please act on this request.  The people of Iraq need our support and
solidarity at this tragic time.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely

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